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What We Can Do for You

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping process is designed to accelerate the development cycle, allowing our clients to bring their ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

Circuit Design

We provide services in electronic design. We involve ourselves with analogue design (using relays,op-amps etc.) and Integrated Chips (IC). We are the sole designers of our board in our AGVs and other projects.

Algorithm Design

Algorithm design allows us to create a mathematical process for solving a problem or achieving a specific goal. We implement these solutions using our processors to communicate with our hardware and software

Actuator & Sensor Fusion

This involves interfacing, protecting and integrating mechanical and electrical hardware to software and controlling them. Without this knowledge, the AGV would have been impossible to build.

Embedded Systems Programming

One of our strengths is hardware programming and our team is experienced in fabricating custom boards integrated with variety of chipsets and microcontrollers. These are used in our robots and able to cater to secondary solutions and applications.

PCB Fabrication

Since we are involved with circuit design, we also print them for immediate prototyping and also for our products.

Robotics Educational Training

We offer training to students from the school level to university level. This is to give back to the community on what we have gained through our experience.

CAD Design

Utilizing 3D design is crucial for both modeling and observing the final product. In addition, our team employs CAD software to effectively visualize and refine the end product

Custom Designs

We provide customized engineering solutions.

"The great thing about this level of automation is that it frees people up. They don't have to focus on these manual labour tasks that a robot can do."
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