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Cutting-Edge Automation Robotics

Revolutionize Your Industry Cost-Efficiently

Reduce manual labour

Reduce operation costs

Increase productivity & efficiency

Improve health & safety


About Ideasparq Robotics

We are specialists in the world of automation robots in Malaysia. With homegrown R&D, we create cutting-edge solutions that increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability for your businesses.


Why Choose Ideasparq

Extensive capabilities

Our technical capabilities include circuit design, rapid prototyping, 3d modelling, Industrial systems development and much more.

After-Sales Support

Customer relationship is high on our list of ideals at Ideasparq.We do our best to help our customers in all possible ways.


Our team of engineers has the expertise and knowledge to develop customized solutions that are innovative, effective, and efficient.

Training & Guidance

The team at Ideasparq consistently delivers high-quality training to ensure that you are thoroughly familiarized with the product.

Our Top Products

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