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The Ideasparq team constantly embarks on testing and trying the latest technologies.


Process Control

We are developing an intuitive solution to control machine line process counters, where each machine is checked to ensure the correct number of strokes is achieved before a part is moved to the next process.

Nano Satellite

We have done a little research in the technology behind nano-satellites and developed a platform upon which this technology can be further developed for commercial use. This is an extrension of our data logging and process control systems.


Development of low cost, homegrown Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for use  by the police or fire departments or for general surveillance and data collection.

Laser Guided AGV

This is another AGV project employing laser guidance to remove the necessity of any intrusive tracks or magnetic tape along a factory or warehouse floor. Laser guided AGVs represent the cutting edge in AGV navigation technology.