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. An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that is guided by a magnetic tape to move from one location to another location. The magnetic strip can be implanted or just laid on the floor. The magnetic tape allows a quick install and modification that can take place in as little as a few hours.

The AGV is a flexible and cost-effective material handling solution for industries.

Our AGVs can work around the clock and allow goods to be picked up from one location and transported to various destination within a facility with little or no human intervention. Normal work can continue around the AGV with minimal change in the environment. Our AGV is equipped with ultrasonic sensors that detects close range obstacles, and can automatically resume its work when the obstacle is removed. All that the operator needs to do is to specify the final destination, and goods will be delivered there. The AGV also comes in 2 modes: automated or manually driven using a remote control. The manual mode can be used to maneuver the AGV at the operators will.


  • Front sensor to prevent collision
  • Battery level Indicator
  • LCD Screen for work progress
  • Light Indicator for machine errors
  • Sound Indicator for obstacles detection
  • Emergency Button


  • Easy Manual Battery Swap
  • Remote calling of AGV
  • Automated battery charging
  • “Intelli-drive” to reduce the presence of magnetic tape at certain places
  • Smart 360 Turn to allow the AGV to turn 360 degrees on its location
  • Pre-controlled routes to allow the AGV to choose the routes by itself


Model Load Capacity(Kg)
M_AGV 250 250
M_AGV 500 500
M_AGV 1000 1000
We provide various AGV models, depending on application. We can customize our AGVs to suit your application.

Warehouse Storage

  • Transporting finished goods from manufacturing plants to storage.
  • Supply of materials from storage to production areas.
  • From storage to shipping.
  • Empty Pallet Handling.

Production Automation

  • Raw material transport to intermediate storage.
  • Raw materials handling.
  • Hazardous materials handling.

Product Transport

  • Automatic trailer loading/unloading.
  • Repetitive transport of materials in between production and processing lines.


  • Chemical Handling Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Hospital Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Paper & Print Industry
  • Warehousing Industry