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Data Logging Machine Control System


ata logging systems can be implemented in many areas for trend identification or pattern analysis. Logging continuous data from a certain machine or a certain environment will allow the operators to monitor the behaviour.

This is a highly customisable product that can be tailored to your application. This system can also produce customizable data flooded reports that are accurate, transparent and reliable as reference for engineers and technician. Data logging systems have been implemented in many areas for trend identification or pattern analysis. Logging continuous data from a certain machine will allow the operator to monitor the machine behaviour which can also predict the possibility of machine downtime within certain usage time.


Our solution works with:

  • Weather station recording (wind speed/direction, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation)
  • Data Logging Machine Control System

  • Hydrographic recording (water level, water depth, water flow, water pH, water conductivity)
  • Gas pressure recording
  • Offshore buoys for recording a variety of environmental conditions
  • Measure temperatures (humidity, etc.) of perishables during shipments
  • Process monitoring for maintenance and troubleshooting applications
  • Process monitoring to verify wear and tear of machines
  • Measure vibration and handling shock
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Monitoring of relay status in railway signalling
  • Server Room monitoring and control


Although we have a ready and complete system, we are able to modify and customize it for any client’s needs and requirements. This is not only limited to hardware customization but to software customization as well.


 Data Logging Machine Control System Data Logging Machine Control System System Benefits:

  • Wireless and un-intrusive in any environment.
  • Robust transmitter for all weather condition transmitting and high tolerance for high electromagnetic interference.
  • Data storage and backup is provided.
  • Alerts for error detection in data and threshold values.
  • Web based interface for data viewing.
  • Easy file generation for viewing, analysing and graphing data in Ms Excel.
  • Deliver an accurate, transparent and reliable report of machine downtime based on time stamping.
  • Transmit the data wirelessly from machine to the receiverterminal (desktop/Laptop/ Server).
  • A user-friendly and Real time GuI that monitor the machine incoming data in graphical format.
  • Capture downtime data, machine strokes and on/off status of the stamping machine.